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Month: January 2020

Progress at AUC

Published / by sysadmin

We had a 5.5 hour board meeting at AUC today. Although it was long (and we’ll do the same tomorrow,) it was a good chance to see what we’ve done and realize that a lot has been accomplished in the last 6 months! Given what we’ve heard about the weather in New England we also didn’t mind being out on the third floor porch on campus.

This morning Greyson flew out of Les Cayes on her way home. At the pretty little Cayes airport we also met a team leader from Pwoje Espwa who was from Charlton MA.

Gordon Clark is here with us; he arrived with Paul on Thursday. Yesterday they walked around the whole campus, taking stock of the building, the farm, and other infrastructure aspects. Gordon is interested in seeing where he can plug in with Engineering Ministries International.

While they were touring campus Elke and I were reviewing student graduation records and carefully checking each one.

This past week has gone fast. We took a break on Thursday afternoon and went to Eden Haiti, a privately owned and managed botanical garden just past Torbeck. We bought some rice and beans from a street vendor Robert knew and had a quiet picnic. Paul and Christo played soccer; I showed Amoce how to play Chinese checkers. Vilia wandered around enjoying how pretty it was and Greyson blew bubbles for Christo. We could see the ocean, but it was very rough because it was quite breezy. I’ll try to post a picture of Eden here because a picture of a board meeting just won’t be very interesting.