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Three More Houses Approved – Rain on the Roof

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We have just approved a budget to replace the roofs on three more houses in Platon.  This will be the 14th, 15th and 16th houses.  It’s hard to believe that families are actually living in these houses right now, but they are.

Mustard Seed’s purpose is guided by the need for clean water up in Platon.  At our medical clinics it is clear that health could be improved with access to clean water.

Each of these houses has an approximately 5000 gallon concrete cistern.  When the roofs are repaired and water collection gutters installed, then  people from the local community will share the water that is collected.  Each homeowner signs a pledge to share the water in the cisterns.

There are many houses up in the mountains that look like these.  Hurricane Sandy damaged some of them very badly…roofs that were already in terrible disrepair.

The Haitian families have little hope of being able to afford to repair these themselves.  MSMs cost to repair these — for materials and transporation only, is approximately $1000 each.  The average Haitian income is less than $2 per day, and that goes for food.

Once the materials are trucked to the foot of the mountain, the local men (and some women) carry the metal sheets and wooden rafters on their backs up the steep mountain.  Local people all contribute to the building effort.